Accessory Lovin! (Tips on where and how i buy my blings!)


It's a long weekend! 

I decided to stay at home and enjoy the long day by taking quick naps, reading, and watching tv! I have no recent outfit posts to blog about but i thought i might be able to share to everyone very useful tips on how to shop for "FAB" accessories without cutting a hole in your pocket.

Before everything else, i want everyone to know that i am an extreme accessory addict. When i shop for accessories - i hoard. I have a whole dresser full of jewels but i am proud to say that most of them are "wise" buys. Wanna know my tips?

Tip no. 1:

Of course Quiapo is known for the Quiapo church which is the home of the Black Nazarene. But only a few people know that Quiapo can be also the home of the most affordable and best beads and accessory making materials in the country. Just find Villalobos Street in front of the Quiapo church and you'll find your way to an alley full of accessory stores. Recommended stores are Wellmanson's, Butingting's Atbp, DIY Beads, Sophie Accessories etc. You'll be surprised that items here can be found in branded shops in malls triple the price, and im telling this to you seriously! For a more detailed description of accessory shopping in this place you may visit Bead Snob, especially to accessory makers out there.

Tip no. 2:

Who loves accessories on Sale? I think everyone does! Forever 21 in Megamall and Mall of Asia has Sale Racks with top quality accessories discounted from 30-70% off! I usually don't buy accessories in Forever 21 not unless i really feel that i need to buy it right away. Otherwise, i just wait for the next season and check if the item i previously eyed on is already on the sale-rack!

Tip no. 3

Parfois is a Brazilian accessory and bag store i just love. Most of their accessories have a touch of boho- vibe in it. When you see their collection, you'll definitely see that items deserve the price you pay. However, some accessories can be way expensive. My tip? They also have sale racks all year round so go check out their stores!

Tip no. 4:
168 MALL

If you're the type of person who dont want to risk going to Quiapo but still wants affordable accessories, you could go to 168 mall where you'll find accessory stores left and right. One drawback here is that you'll also be likely to bump into someone who has the same bling-bling as yours. There are stores though that have rare finds so i suggest you scrutinize every store first before going gaga in splurging the moolah!


Mantra Bracelet and Love, Trust, Patience Bracelet - Totally Charmed
Snake Bracelet - Wellmanson's (I got this for only Php 80.00 which is being sold in boutiques for 300-500 pesos!
Bracelet - Forever 21 (From P735 to P309); Ring - Butingting Atbp (At only P35 at Villalobos St. sol at P100-180 in shops)

Bracelet from 168 mall

Watch with changeable straps - Aldo (So many colors from just one watch)
Aztec inspired bracelet - Forever 21
Black ring - Villalobos Street (Butingting's Atbp - Would you believe i bought this at only Php 35 while this is being sold in SM Dep't Store at P270?)

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