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The Breathable Palazzo Pants

Palazzo trousers is commonly  a summer season trend. In the Philippines, where it is very humid all throughout the year, this type of pants are very comfortable and breathable in hot weather since it has loose wide legs that flares from the waist.

Palazzo pants, or trousers first became a trend in the late 60s and 70s, reminiscent of popular screen icons such as Audrey Hepburn, and Greta Garbo. 

This getup can be an alternative to shorts, especially to more conservative women who don't want to show so much skin. This type of pants can be a breather to the usual tight fitting jeans or leggings.

Let me share with you some tips on how to wear the palazzo pants:

Choose a pair that rests higher than your waist for the most elegant look. Choose a tight fitting shirt, tuck it in or add a belt to create the illusion of a slimmer figure.

You may pair it off with a silky sheer kimono for a night out or a cardigan for work.

Choose designs with bold prints for a more playful look, or you may opt for block colors and pair it up with a neutral or pastel colored top to balance the effect. 

At the beach, you may substitute it for shorts or a sarong as a cover up.

1. Spaghetti Strap Top - Forever 21
2. Palazzo Pants - Pink Belter
3. Sandals - Aldo
4. Watch - Valentino
5. Feather Necklace - Kirinkirin (Check out their spot at the 2012 Noel Bazaar at the World Trade Center!)
* Click this link to view upcoming Bazaars for the yuletide season!

Lunch Time Cravings

So I've been thinking of what to buy for my next shopping spree. Here's the product of my  thoughts!
1. Casio Vintage DB 360 - Ecru and Lime ( A gift im waiting from Dad!)
2. Isabel Marant Inspired Wedge Sneakers - Feet for a Queen (FFAQ)
3. Alexander Wang Rocco Bag - Glitz520 Shop
4. Ankle Healed Boots - Charles and Keith
5. Fringe Bag - Steve Madden or SM Parisian

What do you think of my cravings?

Waiting for the 2nd crunch of my holiday bonus!

Don't Hang Around with the Joneses

“While money can't buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery.” Groucho Marx

So what are you planning to do with your Christmas bonus?

If we are to take a glimpse a few months before November, perhaps many of us already created a mental idiot board on where and what to spend our bonuses with, only to realize that a few days after receiving it, it’s already gone in the wind. Then, we tell ourselves – “oops!”

Impulse buying is a crime many of us are guilty of, regardless of gender. It is the product of excitement – that certain high brought about by the yuletide season. I, myself am guilty of this, hoping that in 2013, I’d be more prudent and wiser in spending. Why not create a mental idiot board of how to spend money wisely as well?

Here are the things I realized especially in fashion spending:

1.     Buy quality instead of trendy
·        I’d say spend more on timeless pieces that speaks of sophistication and elegance. While fashion is very dynamic, do away in spending much on trendy pieces that you would only use one time big time. Trendy pieces are marked by ephemeral, superficial, and faddish appeal in clothing or accessories. While that scarpin heels with spikes is very cute, think many times if you could use this for commute or on a daily basis. Maybe it’s better to buy that captoes and play your outfit’s theme with accessories instead.
2.     Don’t make hasty decisions especially in making major purchases. Think a thousand times and list the pros and cons.
·        Unless you are a marketing magnate or a business tycoon, it always pays to think many times before spending a lot on expensive fashion pieces – that is if you’re willing to suffer the consequences of a maxed out credit card. Live within your means. If you really want to invest on that stunning pair of Louboutins, then I suggest you start saving for it. There are a lot of stores that offer quality knock-offs from low-key brands.
3.     Don’t hang around with the Joneses, and you won’t have to keep up with them.
·        In our lives, when our perceptions are influenced by rich media, the hazards of staring enviously at the YSL bag of your colleague who could afford to send her kids to British school, or simply watching the Kardashian’s reality show where they spend a lot on glamorous stuff not only makes us feel bad, but sometimes distorts the way we view reality. We have to face the fact that not all of us are born rich. Many of us spend on luxurious stuff just because we feel we are also entitled to do so just because other people do. Let’s not make false justifications here but start living in reality. If you can’t buy that piece, then don’t.

What I Wore:
1. Knitted Top - Navawear
2. Inner Top - Zara
3. Leggings - Pull & Bear (Check out their UROPA branch in Shoppesville, Greenhills)
4. Watch - Parfois
5. Necklace - Forever 21
6. Leather Cuff - Girlshoppe
7. Ostrich Skin Clutch - Butternut (Bangkok)
8. Beige Platforms - Aldo

Black and White

“Our personal past is only available to us now through black-and-white film, it's a medium for communication with the dead, including our dead selves, the way we used to be, which is why we're drawn to it.”

Sometimes, when we love, we see fail to see the present just because we are so blinded by past mistakes and actions. We are so consumed by recency that we fail to see the efforts to make everything in the relationship worthwhile. Paranoia - it's the factor that makes someone take time to forgive and heal.
Love entails sacrifice. That despite all odds, you'll be willing to transcend every pain.
Black is authoritative and powerful; because black can evoke strong emotions, too much can be overwhelming. Black represents a lack of color, the primordial void, emptiness. It is a classic color for clothing, possibly because it makes the wearer appear thinner and more sophisticated.

White projects purity, cleanliness, and neutrality. Doctors don white coats, brides traditionally wear white gowns, and a white picket fence surrounds a safe and happy home. It Aids mental clarity, encourages us to clear clutter or obstacles, evokes purification of thoughts or actions, and enables fresh beginnings

What I wore:
1. Top - Forever 21
2. Scarf - Bershka
3. Shorts - Navawear
4. Wedges - Jeffrey Campbell

Underneath the Swagger

 “When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sandpaper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless." Chris Colfer
 I am a product manager. Part of my job is to pipeline new products for the consumption of  certain types of customers. I do market research, competitive analysis, field surveys, launches, and other marketing related activities somewhat similar to advertising and promotions. It is a pretty tough job not only because of the numbers, but physically it could be a lot draining as well.

I am very thankful because at a very young age, i was blessed to land this position. (The age bracket for this post usually starts at the age of 30 and up) Yes, i still have a lot to learn still, but i consider this as a big break.

Going up the career ladder is not that easy. Aside from the heaps of work you need to do to prove yourself, you also need to gain the respect of your co-employees, and for me that is the most difficult task. You don't get to please everyone since you deal with different personalities - biases and perceptions included. You get to work with the most difficult people alive.

If you think you already escaped bullies way back primary education, well think again. Bullies also thrive in work settings. My say? Don't mind them. As what the famous proverb said - "If people throw you stones, throw them bread in return."

“Like all bullies, they’re cowards underneath the swagger" --Edward Cullen” Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn
Do not attempt to get even. Do not let them get into your nerves, instead prove them of your maturity. Bullying is a defense mechanism for bruised egos. In psychology, they might have very devastating childhood experiences. I just rely on to my family and and God whenever i encounter difficult challenges in the workplace.


What I wore:
This is just a simple outfit i wore for dinner with the family.
1. Top - Zara
2. Pants - August Jeans
3. Wedges - Charles and Keith
4. Bag - Mango
5. Watch - Parfois
6. Necklace and Chain bracelet - Forever 21

Photo Credits
1. Photo 6 - My very loving and supportive parents
2. Photo 3 - My very talented co-product manager/ Makeup Asrtist (MUD trained) Chelly Contreras-Sanchez
3. Photo 4 - Very delicious cupcakes from Gigi Gaerlan (I swear they have very delectable cupcakes. They also specialize in custaroons which are extremely yummy. Check out their store in Padre Pio Church in Libis or click the link)
4. Photo 5 - My favorite food (Mediterranean Fusion!)
5. Photo 7 - My partners/mentors  Paul and John

Affliction is Gossip's Aftermath

Affliction is a good man's shining time

Affliction is a time of great distress, misery, suffering, and pain. All of us, at one point in time have experienced such a trying moment in our life. The question is, how do we respond to this challenge? How do we react, especially if we are threatened with such pain?

One common response would be, of course to protect ourselves from it at all costs, and sometimes doing so can also inflict pain to others (physical or emotional) as well.

The workplace is a setting where gossip is high. One thing i dont like about it, is that when passed, its nature becomes fabricated and exaggeration takes place once it reaches the final recipient. One thing bad about gossip is that if the recipient is not objective enough in interpreting such information, then relationships break and integrity of one person is tainted as an aftermath.

I have been a victim of this destructive gossip. It caused me great agony and pain because what people knew was not legit, but came from false assumptions and misnomers from people who really don't know me, at least.

To be resilient against its negative effect, one must learn how to be objective. Well, it takes a great deal of maturity and practice to be objective especially in the corporate world where dog its dog. He must believe only on information based on facts and not on approximated assumptions, or go to the person directly and validate the pressing issue.We must learn how to give the benefit of the doubt - giving a person a chance to explain himself or show evidences of truth. When we display such actions, affliction is pacified.

My take on rumor mongers, not that my hands are clean on this (but trying my best in avoiding such actions), avoid passing on gossip. Veer away from people who talk trash against other people.

Gossip is gossip unless supported by facts and evidences.

Spent a saturday away from the city, away from the usual routine where we see big buildings and cars, where traffic is endless and stressful. Just wanted to break free, that i dressed today according to my mood where i could walk freely!

What i wore!
1. Chiffon top - Mosley Crew
2. Sandals - Aldo
3. Knit Shorts - DNA Clothing
4. Bracelets - Parfois and Girlshoppe
5. Mantra Necklace - Parfois
6. Knit Cardigan - The Landmark (They have very affordable pieces that are even sometimes more affordable than in tiangges)

*Check out Brazilian brand  Parfois  as they have absolutely gorgeous Boho-inspired pieces you'll surely love.

What he wore:
1. Polo shirt - Regatta
2. Jeans - U2
3. Shoes - Aldo

Rock Means Freedom!

Okay. So I've been away for the week due to the very busy schedule. I've been trying to squeeze in a couple of activities such as christmas shopping, office work, recreation, and blogging. Unfortunately, blogging became the least of my priorities since i didn't get the chance to do some outfit shoots.Well, for this post, i'll try not to be on the serious side of things since my previous blog entries were mostly 'emotional'. So let's go direct to the point and talk about fashion!

It's obvious that the theme for this post is rocker chic - yes?
For some time i've been trying to think of how i could pull off an outfit like this without looking too grungy, but still - femme. What i did was to pair it off with ankle straps instead of open toe boot wedgies (I'll still post the alternative option for this outfit - shoes i got from Jeffrey Campbell)

Anyways, based on my research and mall visits, there are a couple of stores catering uber cute rocker-punk-grunge type tops. Here are your choices and maybe you could check out their stores too:

1. Mango (The top i got here is included in Mango's Winter collection, and one perk is that you get a free duffel bag for every single receipt purchase worth P10,000 - Check out the Mango stores now! I swear you'd be willing to spend that much for the bag!)
2. Topshop ( I love their rocker chic shirts but i find them a bit unreasonably priced for the ordinary pinay! However, i just can;'t take my eyes off the bag so i got it without having second thoughts!)
3. Zara (Tops range from P995 - P1599 depending on the embellishments)
4. Forever 21 (need i say?)
5. Cotton on

Finally i found the perfect lacey shorts i wanted - Got this at the SOFA Retail Lab (DNA Clothing) at the Powerplant mall!
I just love the last part of the Twiling Saga! Breaking Dawn Part 2 is just awesome - for me.
Just cant get enough of Aldo shoes!

Check out SOFA Retail Lab's store at the Archeology section located at 2F of the Powerplant Mall! You could find chic pieced from Code Limited, DNA Clothing, Extreme Finds Accessories, Michael Antonio Shoes, I. Candy, Cosmopolitan Clothing, Happy Lemon

What I Wore:
Top - Mango
Shorts - Navawear
Ankle Strap Heels - Aldo
Bag - Topshop
Accessories - Forever21

Passion is Boundless Enthusiasm: Writing is my Passion. Fashion is my Mania

In the company that I am working in, every Monday , we are requested to time in earlier than our usual 9:00 am routine and gather for our “Alab” session. This Alab session’s goal is to inject new learning to office based employees. All personnel regardless of tenure or rank in the company are assigned to share. To non Filipino readers, you might wonder what “Alab” means. 

Alab means passion. This Monday is very timely since the assigned person shared something related to our  “passions”. She played some video clippings of the latest season’s Masterchef winner Christine Ha, who is a perfect example of a person who displayed such – for despite her blindness; she was able to rise up against adversities. 

Passion is an ardent and boundless enthusiasm. 
 What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about writing. I may not be someone who uses high-falutin terms in the construction of word combinations for my blog, what I write may not be reflective of me as a smart person, but I write because this is an activity where I can be myself and express myself. I have wanted to start a blog way back then, apparently, time is my major hurdle. But then, if I don’t have ceaseless enthusiasm about it, then that only proves I am not zealous about it.

So here I am, composing my 15th blog post and hopefully I could share just a bit of what I learned about life, and a little about fashion as my second mania: “Pursue your passion. Create a new world apart from the customary sphere you live in”. Ditch the “I am a frustrated (insert here)”, instead turn it into “I am an accomplished (insert here)”. Unearth your frustrations, and turn them to endeavors.

Let’s go to the fashion side of things. Black, blue, and white are the common colors we see and use in the corporate world, and sometimes these colors can be a bit boring.  Some companies may be very strict about proper work attire – especially it reflects the caliber of the company. Most multinational companies provide uniforms, while some just give protocols on proper corporate dressing. Majority would not authorize sleeveless tops, mini skirts, and loud accessories.

As I have been tired of seeing black, white, and blue in my closet, I started to purchase more printed tops and pull overs to create a more playful look without sacrificing the sophistication. In this case I paired a midi skirt with a printed top to balance the commonality of black. And since sleeveless tops are not allowed, I just brought an orange cardigan with me as a cover up.

What I wore:

Top - I.candy
Skirt - Forever21
Tangerine Patent Platforms - Charles and Keith
Watch - Emporio Armani
Necklace - SM accessories 
Belt - Tango

Christmas Shopping Shebang!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Its almost halfway past November. I can feel the yuletide breeze in my skin. 

Everybody's getting excited about the Christmas shizzle. It's the time when we receive our bonuses, we get to buy new stuff, we get to go to our dream getaways, and we get to spend "more" time with our family. There's a surplus of everything that we also get that "high" meaning, you get to see more people smiling.

There's this certain joy in our hearts thinking that we'll be able to share our blessing to our loved ones and friends, at the same time... there's this excitement and anticipation of the gifts we will be receiving as well. The question is, are you done with the christmas shopping shebang?

Well, i aint done yet.
Not until next week.

We all know that aside from the wonderful things that christmas could offer, at the flipside though, it also somehow elicit a tumultuous scenario - from the traffic, the mad crowd, the rush, the limited time; The big smiles are just an aftermath of a very grueling undertaking.

Simple tips for a less stressful christmas shopping:

1. Start early - yes, the early bird catches the worm! You could escape the bigger crowd of shoppers, you get to have more choices, and you could escape the traffic since everyone is planning to hit the malls during weekends prior to christmas.
2. Go online shopping - though you get to spend on extra shipping fees, at least you get the convenience of purchasing items without waiting for long lines.
3. Prepare a list - To avoid going back and forth from one mall section to the other, its always best to plan what to buy, and whom to buy it for. This saves time, and energy!
4. Bring Baon and Eat in the Car! - In places like Divisoria, Greenhills, and the like, lines in food establishments could go miles. Most of the time, people could hardly get seats because of the big crowd. Bringing your own baon can be a nifty idea if you brought a car with you to save time.
5. Head to Bazaars! - It's also a good idea to do some shopping in bazaars 'coz they also offer unique gift items not commonly seen in malls.

While Christmas is mostly about the tangible things - let's always remember that God has given us these blessings to enjoy. Don't forget to thank God for everything!

What i wore:
Top - I.Candy (at The Ramp)
Shorts - Forever 21
Blue Bracelet - Accessorize
Gold spiked bracelet and Necklace - Oh Leah! Accessories
Sandals - Topshop
Watch - Aldo

What's New in my Loot Bag?

As i've said i'm not done with my christmas shopping yet. Still waiting for the much anticipated bonus next week! (hurrah! i could finally buy the Zara heels i want!) Being the mall rat that i am though, i wasn't able to resist these adorable finds!

Anyway, just a reminder: If you have the liberty of time and if you have the patience to travel a few kilometers for some affordable finds, you may visit Divisoria or 168 mall.

Also, in buying tops or dresses, go the extra mile of wearing adventurous prints and extra color. You may pair these with plain bottoms to neutralize the look.

Let me share with you some items i got this week

Colorful Neon Arm Candies - Oh Leah Accessories! (Pasilio 1C - 168 Mall)
Can't get enough of feathered necklaces: Peacock Necklace and bronze Necklace - Oh Leah! Green Bracelet - Fame Jewels (St. Francis Mall)
White Dress - The Ramp; Printed Orange Top - I. Candy (The Ramp)


Photo Credits:
This was taken at the Bay Side area of Mall of Asia (Near Oceania and Vikings)

Join the Noel Bazaar 2012 - More details courtesy of Manila Shopaholic!

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