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Today is definitely a treat for me! Why? Because I get to brave the busy streets of Divisoria and find lots of awesome stuff!  Well, if not for work I won’t go to this place but I just have to find a prop for an upcoming event, and Tabora street in Divisoria is the only place I could think of!
Just a short trivia for everyone – Tabora Street is a place in Divisoria where you could find costumes, masks (you know the glittered masquerade papier mache?), textile, Christmas and other home decors, native give-aways, event give-away items, and the like. Items here are price way beyond those in department stores. You’ll be surprised as well and tell yourself that it’s better to buy here than in boutiques because of the wide selection of items.

Divisoria is a bargain heaven where you could buy anything you could think of – as in literally anything! Well, now that Christmas is drawing near, taking the effort in going to Divisoria will save you lots of moolah! Your five hundred pesos will go the extra mile! 

Well after accomplishing my work agenda – of course I had to proceed to my next goal. One thing I’ve learned from fashion bloggers/gurus is to “accessorize”, especially if you’re just sporting a plain outfit. I was going through my accessory collection and realized that something’s missing – COLOR! I realized that I was sticking to the basics such as brown, silver, gold, and black. Boring right? So that’s my mission today! Find some accessories that screams out COLOR.

I found this  unique-wonderful (yes! Up to now I’m still in awe)  accessory shop in 168 mall where I hoarded lots of colorful (and quality) accessories that could not be found in other shops in the area. Take note: they have super affordable prices! It’s in the ground floor of 168 mall (Building B). It’s in the second pavement on the left side of the escalator.

So girls, to those who have the time to go to Divisoria and find awesome finds – I encourage you to! Nothing’s wrong with buying items here. You’ll be surprised that stuff here could be found in boutiques and is already priced higher.

Photo Credits:
Photo 1 and 2 - Taken from Greenbelt 3 while enjoying my fave Pearl Milk Tea from Chatime!
Photo 3 - a sole companion is a must in braving the streets of Divisoria
Photo 4 - Divisoria already starting it's Peak season
Photo 5 - This parking space is a very convenient innovation for 168 mall goers 
Photo 6 - My favorite arm party from Girl Shoppe!
Photo 7 - Wonderful christmas decors already in sight Greenbelt!
Photo 8 - My outfit for today's busy day!

What I Wore:

Shorts - Nava
Bag - Miumiu
Armparty - Girlshoppe
Sneakers - Hdy
Belt - Parfois
Top - Nava
Watch - Aldo

Fresh Loots!

Top - Friday Love; Vest - CBRL

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