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A Fresh Perspective

Hi everyone! It's a new life for me!  I'll start by taking in new perspectives about things :)

Whate I Wore:
Skater Denim Dress - Topshop
Shoes - Hapifoxy  
Necklace - Forever21
Shades - Glameffect
Bag - Gap

Happiness, Misconstrued

“Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough”
Oprah Winfrey 

Our Alab or "Passion" Monday (sharing Session) in the office talked about finding one's missing piece. That missing piece may not be a person or an object, but may attribute the intangibles such as love and happiness. Now, if i'm going to throw you this question - have you found your missing piece?

I believe all of us, though not explicitly expressing it, is continuously in search of our missing piece. There's this certain grey area in our life, where we tell ourselves "I wan't this, and that... i need to be this...and that in order to be happy and content. The nature of humans is to fulfill his/her basic material needs, and as we progress in life and as these needs are met, we aim for more. We may not compete with others in this life, but to some... competition is within themselves - the innate longing to surpass individual thresholds. We are humans, and in this case, we aspire, we dream, and when we dream, most of us work hard to achieve in order to fulfill that dead space, thinking perhaps that it would make ourselves whole.

But then again, when that gap has been filled, once a standard or a goal has been met, when a dream and an aspiration has been accomplished considering the enormous amount of effort and time we put to it - why is that sometimes we find ourselves still incomplete? There are those who give up everything and realize that big accomplishments in life, acquisition of wealth, or simply finding the ideal lover based on our personal expectations may complete us - but sometimes the definition of real happiness can be misconstrued.

Sometimes we are already happy, but we just fail to see it. The modern era is very rich in visual stimuli and it can greatly influence our lives. Sometimes we just need to go back to the basics. Maybe we already got what we are searching for. Maybe we don't really need what we think we need. Maybe...

Syling tip:


My outfit is very very simple - YES? Well, one tip for casual dressing is go more with the accessories. If you're wearin' basics match it with additional accessories, to add a playful vibe in it. Here i added a studded cap denim cap, complementary sneakers, and silver accessories. You may opt for a blazer or a simple scarf in lieu of the cap. :)

What I Wore:
Shirt - Jockey
Shorts - Nava Wear
Sneakers - Juice
Watch - Wenger
Bag - (Mom's)
Cap - WWW
Ring - Parfois
Bangle - People are People

Mövenpick: Cebu's Ibiza Hotspot

Last week i flew out of Manila for a 3-day business trip to Cebu. One of the highlights of the trip was my visit to the newly renovated Mövenpick Resort and Spa (formerly Hilton Hotel) in the province of Lapu-Lapu.

Change is really essential if the primary endpoint is to improve. And in the case of Movenpick, the results were fantastic. I really liked the white interiors matched with the new color combination of aqua blue, yellow green, and brown which speaks - SUMMER!

The facade, once an area of limited space, has now big and inviting couches for guests who came from a tiring day tour. They could also lounge and enjoy a luxurious cup of coffee from the Victoria ArduinoVenus Bar, a chrome-plated scratchproof bodywork which is the center of attraction of Movenpick's reception area. As mentioned by the account manager who toured me during my visit, there are curruntly 2 units on hand - one is at the Vatican city, and one is owned by Movenpick.

The chefs at the Sails, the Mövenpick’s all-day dining restaurant (the restaurant flows into the main lobby and the al fresco area)  is dedicated to serving the best food in town. Executive chef Johnny Rodriguez, prepares gastronomic delights with with robust flavors. He recently come from L’Ermitage Beverly Hills, a hotel frequented by Hollywood’s rich and famous. 

The rooms were also renovated, following the theme color. But what i love most is the beach area where Movenpick is famous for - The Ibiza Beach Club, which is at par with Ibiza, Spain Night clubs, with DJ Toni M (from Ibiza) as the main attraction. He worked at top notch party hotspots such as Nikki Beach in Marbella, El Divino and Puro Beach Club in Ibiza and OHM in Spain. So, to people looking forward to a fun Cebu experience - head on to Moevenpick Cebu!
Photo's taken through my Nikon d5100 camera

Elegant Resort Wear

Hi guys! Since summer is already at bay, here's an elegant resort wear inspiration to those of you thinking of a glamorous ensemble at the beach or during a pool party. You could also purchase harem pants, paired with your favorite bikini top plus a sheer kimono!  I'm just so excited for summer!

What I Wore:
Black Playsuit - Zara
Belt - Tango
Bag - Mango
Jeweled Sandals - Celine
Bangle - Mango
Earrings - Cru
Watch - Valentino

Blue Velvet

Suddenly fell in love with circle skirts and denim tops. Not a common outfit here in the Philippines, but one could pair this easily with fitted blouses and strappy heels or sandals. Just tried to be a little playful here. Enjoy!

What I Wore:
Hat - Isis (Ayala Center Cebu)
Velvet Skirt - Posession
Boots and Inner Top - Forever 21
Denim Top - Hot and Delicious 

Pretty Wings

“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.”
Rosa Luxemburg 

Just as I was thinking for a post title for this entry - the song Pretty Wings by Maxwell, immediately popped into my mind. The song is actually a perfect description on what i have to say to my ex-boyfriend if i were to sum up into a song all that i wanted to tell him the minute i learned that he cheated from me. Well, that was six years ago. After that, i became afraid to love again.I became a prisoner of my own fear.

I'm just so glad that i met the current love of my life who liberated me from fear and made me soar up into the air with his love, despite all the indifference.

What I Wore:
Oversized Tank - Soul Diva
Vest - CBRL
Pants - River Island
Accessories - Forever 21
Shoes - Comfy by Parisian

Away from the Mad Crowd

“The thing about Valentine's day is that people discover who are single and who to feel jealous of.”
Faye Morgan

February 14: The day lovers from around the globe has been waiting for. A day where flourists, teddy-bear stores, artisan-chocolate shops, fine-dining restos and jewellers get surplus profits due to the high demand of services and commodities on this special day.

Valentine's day it is. I vividly remember during my college days, (since my campus is just near the famous "Dang-wa") that men, even boys, traverse this chaotic district just to get the perfect dozen of long stemmed red roses. On a regular day, a dozen will only cost about two hundred and fifty, but lo and behold - it's twice the price during v-day!

But what is so special about this day that we can't make every day valentine's day? Well, as for me and my boyfriend - valentine's day is just a regular day for us. Well, not that we are hypocrites that we don't do anything to make this day extra special. Just like everyday, we do the usual "I Love You's" and visited my favorite restaurant - Romulo Cafe in Jupiter St. Makati City.

I just love this place so much - from the black and white theme of the interiors, the cozy atmosphere, and of course the best of all is the filipino food served with a classy twist (in addition: very affordable!). Thank God i was able to get a lunch reservation (since they usually get full-house and they have very limited slots for walk-ins).

Romulo Cafe 

Is daubed as one of the Philippines Best Restaurants in 2011. Named after the journalist, diplomat and the first Asian to serve as president of the UN General Assembly - Carlos P. Romulo. They have two branches, one in Tomas Morato (Cor. Lazcano St. and P. Tuazon St.,) and featured here is the swankier and newer branch in Jupiter St. cor. Comet St., Makati. To know more about their menu, and the restaurant's history click here.


Romulo Cafe
148 Jupiter Street, Bel-air
Makati City
Tel. Nos. 822-0286, 478-6406
Open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 6 to 11 p.m. daily

Terra Cotta

“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.”
Babe Ruth 

Went out solo for today. No boyfriend, no family members... just me. During these quiet moments in my life, i am able to ponder on things. Driving alone, i turned off the car air-con and opened the window as i felt the cool breeze touch my skin. It was not traffic at all therefore i was able to enjoy the scenic views of what Bonifacio Global City has to offer. I sighed. I wish.

Like what old folks say - "libre lang ang mangarap". Yes, coming from a middle-class family, we all have the liberty to dream... to aspire... to wish...that someday we'll live luxuriously. Then i found my inspiration - someday, i'll live in a place like this, a product of my own sweat and blood. Someday.

And so I'll work even harder starting today, with a smile on my face. And i know, i'll be remembering this day.

What I Wore:
Blazer - Massimo Dutti
Shoes - Tory Burch
Bag- Mango
Cuff - Girl Shoppe
Shades - Rayban
V neck Shirt - Bench Body

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