What's the Focal Point?


Good afternoon everyone! This is my very first blog post so i'm asking all the first time readers here to please be kind to me. Anyways, the title of the blog entry is about "focal point." I'm no professional stylist or blogger whatsoever, but according to some sources, artworks should have a "focal point" or a "statement piece".
Could you spot the focal piece in the pictures?

Today i went out to do a mini pre-christmas shopping. Due to the upcoming holiday rush, finding a decent parking spot during weekends is truly a hassle. What more if it's already December, when everyone is ecstatic to spend their bonuses! I ended up at the highest level of the steel parking space in 6750. Only did i realize that it is also a nice spot to take pictures because of the seclusion.

Top - Topshop; Tube and Skirt - Forever21, Pink Bangle - Wellmanson's (For those of you who do not know - this store is a haven of super duper affordable accessories, and a source of supplies from jewelry makers and beaders across the globe). Neon necklace from A'postrophe .

Who wouldn't notice 'neon' screaming from afar right? Fashion gurus said that in order to stand out in a simple outfit, one must don a statement piece. I noticed that younger ones notice and look at my necklace with interest from a distance, while the older ones stare in disgust? haha! A lady of 26 years sporting a neon pink necklace?

Clutch - Dorothy Perkins; Watch - Aldo
Neon Flats - Ichigo.

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