Affliction is Gossip's Aftermath


Affliction is a good man's shining time

Affliction is a time of great distress, misery, suffering, and pain. All of us, at one point in time have experienced such a trying moment in our life. The question is, how do we respond to this challenge? How do we react, especially if we are threatened with such pain?

One common response would be, of course to protect ourselves from it at all costs, and sometimes doing so can also inflict pain to others (physical or emotional) as well.

The workplace is a setting where gossip is high. One thing i dont like about it, is that when passed, its nature becomes fabricated and exaggeration takes place once it reaches the final recipient. One thing bad about gossip is that if the recipient is not objective enough in interpreting such information, then relationships break and integrity of one person is tainted as an aftermath.

I have been a victim of this destructive gossip. It caused me great agony and pain because what people knew was not legit, but came from false assumptions and misnomers from people who really don't know me, at least.

To be resilient against its negative effect, one must learn how to be objective. Well, it takes a great deal of maturity and practice to be objective especially in the corporate world where dog its dog. He must believe only on information based on facts and not on approximated assumptions, or go to the person directly and validate the pressing issue.We must learn how to give the benefit of the doubt - giving a person a chance to explain himself or show evidences of truth. When we display such actions, affliction is pacified.

My take on rumor mongers, not that my hands are clean on this (but trying my best in avoiding such actions), avoid passing on gossip. Veer away from people who talk trash against other people.

Gossip is gossip unless supported by facts and evidences.


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