The Polka Dot Dress


Happy New Year to all!

Just like Mexican's who attempt to talk to spirits, Danish folks placing mistletoes under their pillows to find their "future" husbands, burning of scarecrow dummies in Ecuador,  dinner for one in Germany, celebrations in the cemetery for the Chile-ans, midnight moonlight kiss for lovers in America, and the Scottish who observe the "Hogmanay" or great balls of fire festival in celebration of the new year, the Philippines also has their own set of traditions.

My outfit post for today is inspired by one of the Filipino practices during new year, that is to wear "polka dots". Not only that, it is customary that Filipino households pile up round shaped foods in their dining tables before the new year starts. Philippines believe that this will bring them prosperity by associating the round dots to coins and wealth.

Nevertheless, I was just inspired by my colleagues facebook post today, and realized that i have to keep this as my guiding principle for 2013:

Expect GREAT things to happen, more so, ATTEMPT to do GREAT things for the glory of God!


What I Wore:
Dress - Forever 21
Ankle Strap Platforms - Brash Shoes for Payless
Gold Belt - Tango
Acessories -Pop Culture
Watch - Philip Stein

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