Fighting Our Inner Demons


Fighting your way back on your feet when life knocks you down, while they all thought you can't rise again, is what makes you a true survivor.
It’s nice to be back. I’ve been trying to find time to post something here, unfortunately my work expends most of my time, what’s more appalling is that a succession of unfortunate events took place.  I was lost – literally, and figuratively. I have completely gone awry. 

There are times when we go astray as an aftermath of wrong turns and faulty decisions made fueled by worldly motives or desires. Sometimes we are prejudiced with our choices even if juxtaposed to what’s really good, just because some things are packaged in an ornate fashion. There are times that we discard all the values mugged up since childhood, including the frequent “reminders”, or basic life morals taught by our parents.


We tend to listen more to the “tiny voice” of our impulsive conscience since it gratifies those desires. That tiny voice, the demons inside us are calling out “come here I’ll give you something more”, not noticing that we are walking further from the right trail since our eyes are transfixed to the opposite direction, ignoring ciphers saying that we’re heading the wrong way, our demons continually deceiving us. We realize we’re just going around in circles—til we get anergic from exhaustion, prompting us to finally make the distress call.

You find yourself in the middle of nowhere, lost, emaciated from fatigue, frustration, what’s worse is that in the end, you’re still left empty handed.
Question is, how are you going to fight the demon inside?

What I Wore:
Top and Jeans from Replay
Cap from Chaps
Studded Bracelet from Promod
Necklace from Mango Touch
Peep toe heels from Australian

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