Eats: Singapore Food Republic by Nasi Lemak


 “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

 - Virgina Woolf

I'm a sucker for all things nice and delicious, that's why i am very happy to announce that finally, Singapore Food Republic by Nasi Lemak (owned by H.K. Tan) opened their second branch at the 4th Avenue of Fort Bonifacio Global City. It's very near St. Luke's Hospital, just at the backside of HSBC building.

Aside from the gastronomic delights offered here, what I also particularly like is the quality of their service. When i went to visit this resto, I met the owner himself, Mr. HK Tan. When i saw him, he was just clad in a yellow shirt and jeans, walking around clutching a dishcloth.

He went to every table and asked the customers how the food was like, and suggested the proper way (or the best way) of eating some of the dishes. He made sure that all the dishes were served properly and on time, (he actually served some of the orders himself!) setting a good example to his employees. Then i remember, a good leader should "get his hands dirty sometimes".

For me, this restaurant offers the best of what Singapore has to offer, only nearer. So, to those from the South who finds it difficult to go to Robinson's Galleria Ortigas just to get a taste of delicious Singaporean cuisine... we now all have a go to place! So far I'd rate all the dishes , the service, ambience, and the value for money a 5/5. I would love to go here over and over!

Of all the Hakaos i tasted in Asian restaurants here in Manila, by far this is the best i've tried.
Their Hainanese Chicken comes with 3 different sauces. The chicken looks and taste very fresh!
Their Shanghai Beef Strips are very tender.
This one is a favorite! Singapore Seafood Hofan. You can also order Beef instead of pork.
The owner, Mr. HK Tan (claims to be an amateur), is the one who took all the photos in his restaurant. I actually met him personally, and I would say that he is very hands-on  and very warm at the same time! Best customer service!
Singapore Famous Claypot Chicken
Crispy Baby Squid: To die for!

Sinagpore Food Republic is located at:
Ground Level, Commercenter, 30th Street Corner, 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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  1. Oh I wish I can try their food soon. :)

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA

  2. Yes you should! I'm back in circulation. Been through tough times :(


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