Skater Girl


Because of the scorching heat emitted by the mighty sun, most of us have the freedom to wear light pieces of clothing: shorts, tank tops, flip-flops... and of course skater skirts! I love how this piece of garment can be very versatile - just wear it with sandals and a tank, then voila, you have an outfit for an afternoon stroll at the beach, then just don a blazer and ultra sexy heels and it transforms into a date/ business casual attire.

Just make sure your hips are not too wide to be able to carry this look, as it tends to follow the shape of your sides (you wouldnt want to look as if you are wearin' a petticoat right?) Anyways, in purchasing skater skirts, make sure the material is thin enough so as not too appear bulky, but heavy enough for protection against the blowing wind.

What I Wore:
Spaghetti strapped top - Forever 21
Ankle strapped heels - Forever 21
Skater Skirt - Cotton on
Hat - Isis
Shades - Rayban
Necklace - Tiangge

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