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Owing Money is more stressful than going without something and saving money.

Who says buying clothing from thrift stores (ukay-ukay)  isn't a good idea? Well, think again. I got my top here from my trusted thrift store in pristine condition - pure white, no loose hems, with tags and all, and guess what - from a high street brand! What's even great about it is that i got it for only one hundred and fifty pesos!

Honestly i love thrift shops! I would spend hours going through piles of cheap pre-loved clothes, and perhaps spend a whole day in Bayanihan Building (The heart of Ukay-Ukay in Baguio). Here, you get to find lots of unique pieces of clothing - a combination of vintage and current trends, which is very helpful for bloggers like me. You's be surprised to find some pieces that were not even used at all!

Blogging is just a hobby for me, 'coz i really have a full time day job which makes me quite busy most of the time (That's why i only blog during weekends). And to be more honest with you, i am just an ordinary wage earner that means if i'd spend all my money in my fashion vice, then id be dead now because of overwhelming credit. But that's not me! Thrift shopping is another resort for me to stay fashionable. The tip there is to be very meticulous on the pieces you'll buy and to be very patient - who know you might get the most priceless find!


What I Wore:
1. Top - Thrifted (With Zara Tag on it)
2. Shorts (AB Clothing at the Archeology, Powerplant Mall)
3. Sandals - Aldo
4. Necklace and Bangle - Forever 21
5. Automatic Umbrella - Michaela
6. Nude tube top - People are People

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