Incongruent Lines


“Being nice to people whom you dislike or despise is not the act of one who is fake, but merely the act of one who has grown up.”
Taylor E. Bennet

One thing I learned this week is to live by my name. Actually, Nice is more of my nickname, but I've grown to be called like this since i was a kid. I didn't know that this name will be strongly correlated with who i am as a person. Being an only child, i used to think that being independent is good - i usually tell myself that i could survive in life with only a few friends, and i do not have to be nice to everybody 'coz i can't please everyone - that i need not hide if i have strong repugnance towards somebody, what you see is what you get.

Life is not like that though - we need to learn the art of congeniality - seriously. And with my job, having a larger klout circumference is a necessity. Not that i must be nice only just because i need a wider circle of friends, but because at the end of the day - we will be measured according to how we were able to inspire others to be good despite of the circumstances. Starting today, i will try to be nice to everyone. That's why my name is Nice!


6 Responses to “Incongruent Lines”

  1. How nice. Hehe. :) By the way, your maxi dress looks nice.


  2. You have a beautiful name! And a cute necklace :)

    /Stephanie / http://

  3. Thanks @wonderwoman45:disqus for this wonderful feedback. so touched. will check out on your site as well :)

    lotsalove -- Nice!

  4. Thanks @disqus_7cSjoBV3DX:disqus for running into my blog! :) i love the style of the necklace too! :) inspired by this years color - emerald green :)

  5. I've read some of your blogs and I love it na.. keep it up my dear ate! I like your pictures too .. very gorgeous!:-)

  6. hi thenz thanks for commenting! where are you now? would appreciate if you could follow my blog! hihi. i hope i could shoot you as well


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