"Relish the good times"

It's been a while since I last posted here - and if I say "awhile", I mean it. In restrospect, my last decent post was in the year 2013 which is 5 years back. What happened in between is already written in history, for now, it's a fresh start for me. A lot has changed obviously as we mature, but if there are certain things in my life that are wired to me from the beginning, it would be my love for writing.

If you noticed, sixty percent of this blog's content has been deleted - I have been contemplating of changing the blog's name for awhile, but realized that it's better to evolve from its origin. The blog has now a different theme (a far cry from the very crude fashion subject), that is to "relish the good times", which perhaps can also be attributed to the blog's title - "That's so Nice!". Years back, I remember my colleagues use the blogs title as an expression of appreciation to people who 'dress to impress'. Now,  I'd like to focus more on the "good" here, but of course that would be based on my perception. My perspective may differ from yours, but what the heck? This is a free country.

Relish (v) means, to "enjoy greatly", and in that sense, this blog will focus on the things I enjoy immensely. This blog will cover a lot of tangibles - food, places, activities, etc., and will tackle some of my thoughts about life. 

Hopefully this year, i'd be more consistent in placing my canned thoughts through this blog. Aside from being an outlet for stress, this blog will serve as a window to who I am. To those who know me, im not a fan of spoken words. Not that i'm not eloquent, i just hate impromptu. I like my word-choices to be packaged just the way i like it. I'd probably ace a written interview than the oral type (if there's such a thing). 

Anyway, over the weekend, our family stayed at the Conrad Manila Luxury Hotel and it was an awesome experience. More than that, i got to relish the moment with my family which i rarely do nowadays because of my extremely busy schedule. I learned however, Will share the highlights of our stay in my next post!

Relishing the time with my familyo - (L-R) My grandmother, me, my dad, and mom at Conrad Manila


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