The Best of Bacolod: Calea


If we're going to talk about a list of good things about Bacolod, Calea would definitely be on the list. Aside from the homey ambience that this dessert shop has - of course, the icing on the cake is definitely their delectable cakes that are world class. Haha!

Once you visit their store, you'll be overwhelmed by a wide selection of cakes - the catch is they don't have labels or specific names for their cakes in order for their customers to remember every bit if detail their cakes have - from the flavor, the color, and of course the consistency. It's some sort of marketing strategy however, it works!

On my visit in Calea, i made sure that I've tasted almost all of their cakes. I actually tried 12 different cakes. Well, since they don't have signature names, i could help you in describing each and every mouth-watering treat.

And oh, before anything else - i would like to inform everyone that the cakes in Calea tastes good but is easy on the pocket. Cake prices range from 600-800 pesos, or 70-90 pesos a slice. Isn't this a great deal?Guys... Calea is definitely worth visiting in Bacolod! Don't miss this spot!

Their fruit filled cheesecake - It's actually like a fruit salad but only- it's a cheesecake! So yummy and light!
Chocolate dome - ice cream cake! You should try this because of the super thick and rich creamy layer of chocolate
Obviously it's a carrot cake if you wanna go for healthy eating!
Oh this is to drool over! Introducing you to the mudslide! or whatsoever ice cream cake. It's an ice cream cake sprinkled with some mixture of pulverized oreo cookie and chocolate powder, with bits of sliced almonds! THe crust is also very delectable as well! I could consume two perhaps if i'm not on diet.
The very famous International chocolate cake which all of us should be proud of. And FYI, this is the only cake you could transport safely without the danger of melting or disintegrating! You'll just have to pay additional Php 70 for the thick carton to protect the cake.
The pecan caramel cheesecake - I'd say one of the best cheese cakes i've tried ever!

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