Look Into The Brighter Side of Life


“Always look on the bright side of life."

I'm just so thankful to God that i was able to get by after all the things i've been through (speaking of all facets in my life). Let's just say that at the end of the day... the Lord is telling me that he has a reason for every occurrence in my life, and that i should always look at the brighter side of life.

Whenever we are faced with some arduous instances in our lives, sometimes we tend to find blame through others and just slack off. Sometimes we fail to see that there are others who have trying times far worse than what we may be experiencing. Always keep in mind to find beauty in everything!

*Oh and by the way - you might notice that the pants' a bit big. It's because i lost weight from 165lbs down to 128lbs :) So i just used this as a boyfriend pants instead of skinny jeans.

What I Wore:
Top - Mango
Belt - Stradivarius
Pants and Cuff - Forever 21
Bag - Sewn
Shoes - Celine
Watch - Aldo

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