Terra Cotta


“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.”
Babe Ruth 

Went out solo for today. No boyfriend, no family members... just me. During these quiet moments in my life, i am able to ponder on things. Driving alone, i turned off the car air-con and opened the window as i felt the cool breeze touch my skin. It was not traffic at all therefore i was able to enjoy the scenic views of what Bonifacio Global City has to offer. I sighed. I wish.

Like what old folks say - "libre lang ang mangarap". Yes, coming from a middle-class family, we all have the liberty to dream... to aspire... to wish...that someday we'll live luxuriously. Then i found my inspiration - someday, i'll live in a place like this, a product of my own sweat and blood. Someday.

And so I'll work even harder starting today, with a smile on my face. And i know, i'll be remembering this day.

What I Wore:
Blazer - Massimo Dutti
Shoes - Tory Burch
Bag- Mango
Cuff - Girl Shoppe
Shades - Rayban
V neck Shirt - Bench Body

2 Responses to “Terra Cotta”

  1. I love your look on this one! Simple and very on the go! I always wanted that Mango bag!
    I follow! I hope you follow back!


  2. Naks! Nakakahawa ang pagka-emo mo sis. Ako din I wish to live someday in that luxurious condominiums in Fort. For now, dream muna ang work hard. Anyway, you look lovely in terracotta.

    XX, IamJenniya


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