Pretty Wings


“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.”
Rosa Luxemburg 

Just as I was thinking for a post title for this entry - the song Pretty Wings by Maxwell, immediately popped into my mind. The song is actually a perfect description on what i have to say to my ex-boyfriend if i were to sum up into a song all that i wanted to tell him the minute i learned that he cheated from me. Well, that was six years ago. After that, i became afraid to love again.I became a prisoner of my own fear.

I'm just so glad that i met the current love of my life who liberated me from fear and made me soar up into the air with his love, despite all the indifference.

What I Wore:
Oversized Tank - Soul Diva
Vest - CBRL
Pants - River Island
Accessories - Forever 21
Shoes - Comfy by Parisian

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