Zebra Print Overload


 “All things are ready, if our mind be so.”

Had a wonderful day by spending ample time in prayer and adoration with my beau. Today, i could finally say i am ready to face the week's challenges and surprises. I am truly thankful that i was given the time to rest, spend time with my family, fulfill my hobby, and of course ponder on things. I have no reason to complain anymore, so i must face tomorrow with enthusiasm!

Just as i was doing some 5-minute reflection, i realized i had to make a bucket list for my aspirations  and goals for 2013. I'd share this with you on my next post as i am trying to beat my insomnia. The effect of melatonin (yes i have a terrible case of insomnia that requires pharmacologic intervention) is already kicking in! Lastly,  my outfit is inspired by one of the Spring 2013 Fashion Trends - Animal Prints! Will be wearing more of the season's trends on my next posts as well! Stay tune!


  What I Wore:
Zebra + Aztec Print Dress - The Ramp
Zebra Print Wedges - CMG
Layered Necklace and Ring - Mango

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