The Denim Cut- Offs


Today, I'm wearing denim cut-offs. But did you know that there are different types of shorts? For a start, since i'm wearing one in my outfit shots today, i'm going to tell you what denim cut-offs are and i will run you through the other types of shorts.

Denim Cut-offs
My say - These are for people who just can't let go of their favorite jeans.
These shorts are actually a reincarnation of your once - loved jeans. The more loose ends - the better. This is a distinct style our parents used to rock especially during the era of the 80's. It's a good thing though that it's now in style again. If you have the time to DIY, you could just make use of worn out pants, but there are cut-offs that are ready-to-wear in boutiques out there.

Hot Pants
My say - These are for daredevils who claim that there is no such thing as "too short".
These are shorts that emphasize the bum and the legs - obviously showing a lot of skin, thus the term "hot" pants.

Bermuda Shorts
My say - These are for the more conservative and laid back.
Curvy and petites ave trouble wearing this as it creates the illusion of even wider hips and shorter stature. This type is highly recommended for slim and slender figures with long legs. And one thing more - it will be in style this year!

Cargo Shorts
My Say - For those who don't have any other choice
My personal taste tells me that this type of shorts are loose and boring all at the same time.

Athletic Shorts
My Say - For the sporty chic who needs a lot of room to groove and move!
Well, this is obviously for the athletic types. It is usually made of stretchable fabric which provides comfort and ease for strenuous movement.

When i wore this type of shorts - my mom gave me that weird stare, asking me why i was wearing something weird, with both the pockets dangling out. Well, it's style! Some people think that wearing skimpy shorts is slutty - for me, it's not. It actually depends on how you wear it, and what your attitude is. Need i say more?

What I Wore:
Top - Shoppaholic
Shorts - Forever 21
Cap Toe Flats - Nava

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