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Just a quick mobile post to give you a sneek peek of my next outfit post. By the way, I only have an hour to shop today since I need to prioritize work.

I am just so happy of my finds today because I was able to get the value for money I needed. Well, eversince highstreet brand came in the Philippines, i know that they only conduct their major sale midyear (around july-august) and year-end (january-february), but i never get the chance to maximize this opportunity.

We all know that Zara is not the typical go-to brand for mid-range wage-workers like me. I could buy 1-2 quality items the most, but i would never spend more than that! If you're looking for quality, elegance, and timelessness, then you're in the right track. If you want to be trendy, yet on a budget, then you go to our trusted Forever21 branch!

So, whats the point why I'm telling all of this? Actually I just want to tell myself that i should not succumb to the temptation of spending my bonus during the holidays when prices are sky-high, rather wait for the end of season sale. Suppose i have a 10k shopping budget all for myself - this could go a long, long way! So 2014... I will prepare for you my dear!

Anyway, here are my great finds from my fave brands Zara, Forever21, and Parfois.
All in just less than an hour of shopping!

New in:
Fringe Bag - Parfois (from P1,240 to P865)
Sneakers - Forever21 (from P1,135 to P284)
Top - Zara (P995 to P595)
Shades - P1595
Accessories - all from F21 at P104 a piece.

I know right?! But hey, thats just a sneak peak! More of my Zara, plus Topshop loots on my next blog update!

Hurry! Sale's only 'til February 1!

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