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I never thought i'd be a person who'd wear this kind of outfit mix ever. Aside from being "unconventional", the leggings all by itself draws too much attention as i sashay down the streets. I could imagine the  curious stares of passersby, and some careless murmurs coming from nowhere.I didn't mind - realizing that im slowly developing a thicker hyde now. Well, fashion is art - it should contain an element that draws the attention of any random person. If it's mundane, then it's not considered fashionable.

Pertaining to the sneaker wedges here, i find it a piece of art coupled with engineering. I vividly recall how it was displayed in the racks, outshining the rest of it's contenders in full splendor. No wonder why it was the only one left, that i decided to get it even it was a tad shoe size bigger. It's a reincarnation of old school-kicks without sacrificing our height because it really has heels, only that it's camouflaged as an ordinary Supra-like hi-cut rubbershoe.

What I Wore:
Top - Topshop
Cobweb Necklace - DIY :)
Bag - Coach
Leggings - Fashion Monger
Cross Ring - Girlshoppe
Marant-inspired sneaker wedge - Promod

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