For the Love of Shorts


My boyfriend and I are best of friends aside from being lovers. I have come to accept who he is and vice versa. So, when we're together,  we need not dress up and steal the spotlight --- as we already have seen each other during our best, and during our worst.

Because of my very hectic schedule at work, we only get to spend time on weekends. Our itinerary usually involves shopping, eat-out sessions, and of course movie time. Sometimes, if my (why does it have to be me all the time?) schedule permits, we take a vacation out of the city and head to the beach.

My favorite outfit mix during casual dates like this is shorts and a simple tank (he just love me wearing shorts better than skirts because of my long legs). But aside from my boyfriend's preference, i love shorts because it allows me to move freely. So for the love of shorts, i bought the same style in different colors for casual dates like this. during night outs, i still prefer shorts (but embellished ones) though, plus super high heels!


What I Wore:
Top - Bershka Check out the UROPA greenhills branch for Bershka and Pull & Bear Items)
Belt and Mantra Bracelets - Parfois
Shorts - Aeropostale (They'll be opening their first branch in Glorietta 2 by the way!)
Silver Flats - Solemate by SM
Sling Bag- Sewn
Watch - Casio DB360

*Just in case you're wondering if I'm wearing make-up in this post - Yes! It just look so natural right? As much as possible, so as not to look overly made-up, but still a flush of color can be seen in my face, i use Revlon's Sunset Peach Blush and Lipcolor in Mink!

2 Responses to “For the Love of Shorts”

  1. I love your outfit. So comfy. That's in Greenbelt, right?

    I followed you already. I hope you ca check my blog and follow me back, too.

    XX, Jenniya

  2. thanks @f39f2d0c175d9c588049c6131a45449f:disqus! yes it's in greenbelt. i saw one of your outfit shots in greenbelt as well. actually its the perfect spot (you know!), but you have to look out for intruders. haha!


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