Clad in Simple White & Khaki


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo da Vinci 

One week to go before the national conference of the company I am working in. One highlight of this gathering is the ‘awards night’, where everyone can wear their gowns as if it were a prestigious awarding ceremony. Everybody just loves this evening because we get the chance to slip in a long gown or a tux.

Not for this year though.

Well, the moment I learned that the theme of this year’s “gabi ng parangal” is quite different (the specifics sent by the organizing committee was a khaki and white top -bottom combination), my spirits went low just because I was an awardee this year, and I don’t get to wear an opulent number, I need not spend time for a coiffured mane, and lastly, no lengthy hours need to be spent for the glam make-up. My outlook changed though, who says you can’t be fashionable with a simple khaki and white number?

Today’s oufit post is inspired by our national conference prescribed outfit mix. I won’t be wearin’ this on that evening though, but here’s something I came up with. I think it’s simple yet classy. Let me know what you think.

*(For my award’s night fix – I’ll give you a hint, I’ll be wearin’ an eccentric top by Randy Ortiz’, and will post the pics hopefully the soonest!) 

What I Wore:
Top - Mango
Shoes - Mango
Bangles - Mango
Pants - Zara
Clutch - Dorothy Perkins

4 Responses to “Clad in Simple White & Khaki”

  1. Nice post babe! You should check my blog, I'm having a giveaway!

  2. hi there @google-e1e57dac8eff71453be87385506efc3e:disqus ayt babe! rightaway!

  3. I love Mango too! Super cute outfit and the clutch goes wonderfully with it :)


  4. Oh i just love clearance sales! we could hoard haha! love mango !


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