Animal Instinct


“Where instinct fails, intellect must venture.”

 The weather is really weird nowadays. I woke up with a hint of healthy sunlight even if the curtains tried to prevent it from entering my room. I opened my window and tried to breathe in some fresh air, however it was damp - i knew that sun won't stay up that long. I was still hopeful though, so i still prepped  myself for the great outdoors, only to realize that the great 'old sun had already hidden from me, while Mr. Rain showed up instead. It was actually a day full of hide and seek, so i ended up staying at home, where my home, my shelter could protect me. Good thing my instinct told me not to go out, as later that day, sickness has already set in me.

What I Wore:
Top - I. Candy
Shorts - Mudd
Shoes - So Fab!
Bag - Good Shepherd Bazaar
Bracelet - Parfois
Ring - Magarbo at Kultura
Necklace - Forever 21

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