Winter in the Pacific?


 Spent my friday and saturday at work to plan for the company's final directions for next year. My sleepless nights and caffeine overdose was totally worth it as i was able to make it through a 3 hour- market presentation to national sales managers and other management team members, including our general manager. As usual, i wasn't able to squeeze in some ootds as this was not my priority for the week.

Had our planning outside the office - at Eugenio Lopez Center in Antipolo. It's a perfect place to conduct special meetings like this as the venue is away from the hustles and bustles of urban manila yet not far away. It has function rooms and also a conference area that can accommodate medium sized groups up to 300 pax. What's wonderful about the place is that it provides an overlooking panoramic view of manila - and the food is really yummy! (Just a tip - to couples out there looking for a good reception venue, this could be your option! They also have very clean hotel rooms!)

Winter in the Pacific? Nah - that won't happen unless there would be another tectonic plate shift or a continental drift that will displace our country to the antarctic. Haha! Since the weather is really humid here in the Philippines (even in this yuletide season), shorts and other lightweight clothing are the usual closet staples here. Just to add a little flair, i added up a scarf, just to accentuate the look and to look a bit "western". I'll try to brew an ensemble that will evoke more of the westernized look - with all the layering and stuff for the next post!

This week will be another busy one - yet I'm excited since it's BONUS week!!!


What I Wore:
1. Top - Korea
2. Jeans - Bershka
3. Sandals - Topshop
4. Watch - Valentino
5. Nerdy Glasses - Navawear
6. Silver Bracelet - Forever 21
7. Ring - Parfois
8. Scarf - Promod

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