Punk yet Femme!


A "punk" is a person who belongs to a rebellious counterculture group. When we encounter this word, mental images of black and white, grungy fashion (think black nails, lipstick, tunnel earrings and the like) will come into our mind. More often, punks exude angst and bravado. For me, punk can be elegant and pleasant to the eyes as well!


Noticed that i tried to tie my hair into a pony for a change? Though my cheekbones and jawline looked more pronounced, i loved the result! My outfit was actually inspired by my mane, that i decided to pull-off a look with an angstful vibe in it. I was torn between wearing knee-high boots and pumps, but the latter won, since boots aren't commonly worn here in our country.

What I Wore:
Vest - CBRL
Graphic Leggings - Apartment 8
Pumps - Forever 21
Black Top - Uniqlo
Black Faux Leather Studded Cuff - St. Francis Square
Love Ring - Girlshoppe
Tribal Ring - SM Accessories
Link Cuff - Forever 21

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