Old Rose


“Not only am I not my dad’s favorite child—I’m his only child.
Jarod Kintz, Seriously delirious, but not at all serious

I am an only child, yes. That doesn't make me different from the rest though. I was born and raised knowing that i can't always get what i want. I vividly recall my childhood years, when my parents would refuse to buy me things based on my hasty whims - tantrums wouldn't work just to get the latest barbie doll just like what my neighbor has.Yes, i vividly recall those times when i gaze longingly at the lucky girl sporting the trendy Grosby rubber shoes... petty things of the yester-years.

My mom and dad during these times were at the height of their careers, and i would say its justifiable for them to spend. But like what i said, they only buy things they only deem necessary, and succumb to occasional "cravings". They give occasional gifts and use the priciple of "reward" whenever i accomplish a task or if i do well in school. One life lesson i learned from my dad was to learn how to be independent and work hard  so that i could get what i want (pertaining to material things).

"I can't always get what i want..."
But -
"I can work hard to get what i want."

What I Wore:
1. Old Rose Chiffon Top - Shoppaholic
2. Floral Trousers - On the Dot
3. Gold Pumps - Ever New Melbourne
4. Gold Necklace - Mango Accessories

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