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Just want to post the outfit that my boyfriend gave to me last Christmas. When i saw this knit top in Obsession (a new store in Glorietta 2), i immediately fell in love with it. Due to budget constraints as a result of too much shopping, i had to prompt myself to stop. Fortunately, my soon to be better half offered to buy me a top. Good thing though i passed by Terranova (also in Glorietta)...Lo and Behold, i saw the same sweater, only it was priced 30% lower.

I just love shopping at the new Glorietta because it recently has been reborn! It's not the same Glorietta we used to know. Improvements has been made - Palm Drive (inside Pasay Road ), is now the main entrance of Glorietta (a new road between Fairmont Hotel and Landmark); It has an outdoor garden, a tri-level ceiling that gives a feel of spaciousness, and of course good lighting. For more details click here.


What I Wore:
Knit Seater -Terranova
Aztec Print Shoes - Primadonna
Aztec Inspired Necklace - Accessorize

Photo Credits Courtesy of Philippine Star Article. Click Here for Details

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