Stop, Think, and Ponder (The black dog of the typical yuppie)


 I woke up this morning and realized that I need to make a little self examination. With the past phasing of my life this year, I realized that I didn’t give myself time to stop, think, and ask myself – are you sure you’re traversing the right direction? That question is somewhat  rhetoric, that in no time I got myself to my feet and spent a few hours pondering.

I was asleep earlier,  yet part of my soul was digressing elsewhere. It seemed deeply lost in thoughts, searching for something it didn’t know.

I feel like I’m making a futile effort on stringing myself altogether. Bemused, I was jumping from one thought to the other, digging deep into the layers of memories locked up in my head. I was in the year 2010, when I got promoted as marketing specialist, then after a year I rose up another rank as a manager at 24 years of age. Yes, major accomplishments.  Kudos to Eunice Alfaro!

My head was throbbing. I was bamboozled, then I was awake. Just like my dream, everything happened in a whirlwind, and here I am on a Sunday morning, looking at myself, this woman who’s adept in what she knows and what she was trained for, yet she feels a little useless now. She goes to work 12 hours a day, seven days a week, and expects to receive her wages during payday. Yes, I could use the word“mainstream” here.

The rhetoric question seems to be taking its toll. Yes, I have a problem, and just like the earlier years when I make a reality check on my life – of my dreams and aspirations, these past two years have become a standstill. Im making a futile effort because I didn’t have a reason for being - that’s when you lose focus because you got so caught up with the hustles  and bustles of your daily grind, or might be stunned by what the world has to offer.

Caught up in the same scenario? Are you this yuppie who suddenly regressed and stopped aiming for more because you thought you’ve already reached the thresholds of what you can do? That you have nothing more to learn and unlearn? Well, think again!

Think again Eunice. 

You have yet to conquer the world. You may be a prey in this challenging arena of life and snipers may be aiming at you, but you need to move forward and outrun them. You have tools in your backpack that you need to oil and chisel out so it would go razor sharp - again. Use them, and let the spotlight track you through this arena until you’re done with the game.

Find your target, keep your grip tight, don’t lose focus, then aim! It’s okay to miss once in awhile, but practice makes perfect.

Starting today i swear i wont wear jeans anymore, instead I'd wear jeggings or colored pants that shouts out some color. I'd wear more dressy and printed tops that exudes sophistication and elegance. I'm no longer that teenybopper i realized. I consider today the start of my maturity in fashion.

Just a tip, if you're wearing both block/ basic colors like these - just accessorize to add a bit oomph to the ensemble. You may consider using a chunky choker or necklace, or if not one nifty idea is to wear a colorful scarf over your plain top.

Photo credits:
Taken at the Ayala triangle garden on a sunday. The christmas lights and lanterns are already set up and will start the laser and light show every night starting at 6pm -8pm (with a 30 minute interval), until December 23.

 What i Wore:

Top - Zara
Blue Pants - H&M
Shoes - Charles and Keith
Silver bracelet - Forever 21
Bag - MiuMiu
Necklace - Fame Jewels

5 Responses to “Stop, Think, and Ponder (The black dog of the typical yuppie)”

  1. I didnt wear denim for a while now. I like the jeggings idea.

    1. jeggings with different prints right?, or perhaps the leggings with funky prints :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi sis. thanks a lot! trying to find some awesome printed pants. problem is, im long and have wide hips :)

  3. Love the pants!! :)

    Followed you!

    The Misty Mom


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