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Okay. So I've been away for the week due to the very busy schedule. I've been trying to squeeze in a couple of activities such as christmas shopping, office work, recreation, and blogging. Unfortunately, blogging became the least of my priorities since i didn't get the chance to do some outfit shoots.Well, for this post, i'll try not to be on the serious side of things since my previous blog entries were mostly 'emotional'. So let's go direct to the point and talk about fashion!

It's obvious that the theme for this post is rocker chic - yes?
For some time i've been trying to think of how i could pull off an outfit like this without looking too grungy, but still - femme. What i did was to pair it off with ankle straps instead of open toe boot wedgies (I'll still post the alternative option for this outfit - shoes i got from Jeffrey Campbell)

Anyways, based on my research and mall visits, there are a couple of stores catering uber cute rocker-punk-grunge type tops. Here are your choices and maybe you could check out their stores too:

1. Mango (The top i got here is included in Mango's Winter collection, and one perk is that you get a free duffel bag for every single receipt purchase worth P10,000 - Check out the Mango stores now! I swear you'd be willing to spend that much for the bag!)
2. Topshop ( I love their rocker chic shirts but i find them a bit unreasonably priced for the ordinary pinay! However, i just can;'t take my eyes off the bag so i got it without having second thoughts!)
3. Zara (Tops range from P995 - P1599 depending on the embellishments)
4. Forever 21 (need i say?)
5. Cotton on

Finally i found the perfect lacey shorts i wanted - Got this at the SOFA Retail Lab (DNA Clothing) at the Powerplant mall!
I just love the last part of the Twiling Saga! Breaking Dawn Part 2 is just awesome - for me.
Just cant get enough of Aldo shoes!

Check out SOFA Retail Lab's store at the Archeology section located at 2F of the Powerplant Mall! You could find chic pieced from Code Limited, DNA Clothing, Extreme Finds Accessories, Michael Antonio Shoes, I. Candy, Cosmopolitan Clothing, Happy Lemon

What I Wore:
Top - Mango
Shorts - Navawear
Ankle Strap Heels - Aldo
Bag - Topshop
Accessories - Forever21

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