Passion is Boundless Enthusiasm: Writing is my Passion. Fashion is my Mania


In the company that I am working in, every Monday , we are requested to time in earlier than our usual 9:00 am routine and gather for our “Alab” session. This Alab session’s goal is to inject new learning to office based employees. All personnel regardless of tenure or rank in the company are assigned to share. To non Filipino readers, you might wonder what “Alab” means. 

Alab means passion. This Monday is very timely since the assigned person shared something related to our  “passions”. She played some video clippings of the latest season’s Masterchef winner Christine Ha, who is a perfect example of a person who displayed such – for despite her blindness; she was able to rise up against adversities. 

Passion is an ardent and boundless enthusiasm. 
 What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about writing. I may not be someone who uses high-falutin terms in the construction of word combinations for my blog, what I write may not be reflective of me as a smart person, but I write because this is an activity where I can be myself and express myself. I have wanted to start a blog way back then, apparently, time is my major hurdle. But then, if I don’t have ceaseless enthusiasm about it, then that only proves I am not zealous about it.

So here I am, composing my 15th blog post and hopefully I could share just a bit of what I learned about life, and a little about fashion as my second mania: “Pursue your passion. Create a new world apart from the customary sphere you live in”. Ditch the “I am a frustrated (insert here)”, instead turn it into “I am an accomplished (insert here)”. Unearth your frustrations, and turn them to endeavors.

Let’s go to the fashion side of things. Black, blue, and white are the common colors we see and use in the corporate world, and sometimes these colors can be a bit boring.  Some companies may be very strict about proper work attire – especially it reflects the caliber of the company. Most multinational companies provide uniforms, while some just give protocols on proper corporate dressing. Majority would not authorize sleeveless tops, mini skirts, and loud accessories.

As I have been tired of seeing black, white, and blue in my closet, I started to purchase more printed tops and pull overs to create a more playful look without sacrificing the sophistication. In this case I paired a midi skirt with a printed top to balance the commonality of black. And since sleeveless tops are not allowed, I just brought an orange cardigan with me as a cover up.

What I wore:

Top - I.candy
Skirt - Forever21
Tangerine Patent Platforms - Charles and Keith
Watch - Emporio Armani
Necklace - SM accessories 
Belt - Tango

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