Lunch Time Cravings


So I've been thinking of what to buy for my next shopping spree. Here's the product of my  thoughts!
1. Casio Vintage DB 360 - Ecru and Lime ( A gift im waiting from Dad!)
2. Isabel Marant Inspired Wedge Sneakers - Feet for a Queen (FFAQ)
3. Alexander Wang Rocco Bag - Glitz520 Shop
4. Ankle Healed Boots - Charles and Keith
5. Fringe Bag - Steve Madden or SM Parisian

What do you think of my cravings?

Waiting for the 2nd crunch of my holiday bonus!

2 Responses to “Lunch Time Cravings”

  1. Loving those sneaker wedges :) Been desperately wanting a pair but I feel like I should be holding out for the right ones.

    1. Hi anni. I agree. Do u hav any links in your blog where you could share inspirations on how i could wear sneaker wedges? Ill check ur blog in awhile :)


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