Don't Hang Around with the Joneses


“While money can't buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery.” Groucho Marx

So what are you planning to do with your Christmas bonus?

If we are to take a glimpse a few months before November, perhaps many of us already created a mental idiot board on where and what to spend our bonuses with, only to realize that a few days after receiving it, it’s already gone in the wind. Then, we tell ourselves – “oops!”

Impulse buying is a crime many of us are guilty of, regardless of gender. It is the product of excitement – that certain high brought about by the yuletide season. I, myself am guilty of this, hoping that in 2013, I’d be more prudent and wiser in spending. Why not create a mental idiot board of how to spend money wisely as well?

Here are the things I realized especially in fashion spending:

1.     Buy quality instead of trendy
·        I’d say spend more on timeless pieces that speaks of sophistication and elegance. While fashion is very dynamic, do away in spending much on trendy pieces that you would only use one time big time. Trendy pieces are marked by ephemeral, superficial, and faddish appeal in clothing or accessories. While that scarpin heels with spikes is very cute, think many times if you could use this for commute or on a daily basis. Maybe it’s better to buy that captoes and play your outfit’s theme with accessories instead.
2.     Don’t make hasty decisions especially in making major purchases. Think a thousand times and list the pros and cons.
·        Unless you are a marketing magnate or a business tycoon, it always pays to think many times before spending a lot on expensive fashion pieces – that is if you’re willing to suffer the consequences of a maxed out credit card. Live within your means. If you really want to invest on that stunning pair of Louboutins, then I suggest you start saving for it. There are a lot of stores that offer quality knock-offs from low-key brands.
3.     Don’t hang around with the Joneses, and you won’t have to keep up with them.
·        In our lives, when our perceptions are influenced by rich media, the hazards of staring enviously at the YSL bag of your colleague who could afford to send her kids to British school, or simply watching the Kardashian’s reality show where they spend a lot on glamorous stuff not only makes us feel bad, but sometimes distorts the way we view reality. We have to face the fact that not all of us are born rich. Many of us spend on luxurious stuff just because we feel we are also entitled to do so just because other people do. Let’s not make false justifications here but start living in reality. If you can’t buy that piece, then don’t.

What I Wore:
1. Knitted Top - Navawear
2. Inner Top - Zara
3. Leggings - Pull & Bear (Check out their UROPA branch in Shoppesville, Greenhills)
4. Watch - Parfois
5. Necklace - Forever 21
6. Leather Cuff - Girlshoppe
7. Ostrich Skin Clutch - Butternut (Bangkok)
8. Beige Platforms - Aldo

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