Dare to Be Loud and Bold!


Who says youngsters are the only ones who could wear loud colors such as NEON?

I am not shy to say that at 26 years old (yes, im already at my mid 20's) i am not afraid to get out of my norm and experiment. Well, actually i was hesitant at first because of the fear that people might stare and shoot mocking looks at me. Then i told myself, for once in my life i should try to be bold and loud. Sporting a lanky frame, it's not very difficult to spot someone like me since i'm 5'9", so i thought, might as well go all the way and be seen.

One rule of thumb i've learned in wearing prints is to combine it with block colors. Printed apparel can be one's number one tool in bringing life to a boring piece of clothing such as plain colored jeans or shorts.
To further accentuate the look, i accessorized a bit using a neon colored necklace and added up several bracelets in different colors to add a playful vibe in it.

Yes, i got a couple of stares from people but i felt good. I felt alive because of the splash of colors that i'm wearing. Wearing colorful outfits also adds a youthful aura to someone sporting it. I promised myself that on my next shopping spree, i should grab more colorful printed tops or bottoms.I'm so excited!

Intramuros Street Art

By the way, would you believe that these shots were taken in Intramuros, Manila? At the corner of Anda Street, and General Luna Street just near the famous Manila Cathedral, you'll find this courtyard transformed into a fantabulous graffiti which was part of street art competition last May 2011.

Photo Credits:

Photos were taken in Intramuros' Graffiti Park.
Taken by my boyfriend, Michael Ross Pestano :)
A wonderful way to spend our 21 months is to do a photoshoot date, in commemoration of our first date, which happened HERE!

What I Wore:

Top - Navawear
Shorts - Greenhills
Sneakers - Hapifoxy
Watch - Aldo
Aztec Bracelet - Forever 21
Necklace - Apostrophe'
Charm Bracelets - Totally Charmed

3 Responses to “Dare to Be Loud and Bold!”

  1. I just discovered your blog thanks to Chictopia and I really love it! Love your top and you look much more younger. Following you on Bloglovin! It will be great if you can check my blog:)


  2. hi lucie! will check your blog now! just got busy with work a bit.will spend time on yours! :)

  3. hei just found this lol.. totally awesome background


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