Christmas Shopping Shebang!


It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Its almost halfway past November. I can feel the yuletide breeze in my skin. 

Everybody's getting excited about the Christmas shizzle. It's the time when we receive our bonuses, we get to buy new stuff, we get to go to our dream getaways, and we get to spend "more" time with our family. There's a surplus of everything that we also get that "high" meaning, you get to see more people smiling.

There's this certain joy in our hearts thinking that we'll be able to share our blessing to our loved ones and friends, at the same time... there's this excitement and anticipation of the gifts we will be receiving as well. The question is, are you done with the christmas shopping shebang?

Well, i aint done yet.
Not until next week.

We all know that aside from the wonderful things that christmas could offer, at the flipside though, it also somehow elicit a tumultuous scenario - from the traffic, the mad crowd, the rush, the limited time; The big smiles are just an aftermath of a very grueling undertaking.

Simple tips for a less stressful christmas shopping:

1. Start early - yes, the early bird catches the worm! You could escape the bigger crowd of shoppers, you get to have more choices, and you could escape the traffic since everyone is planning to hit the malls during weekends prior to christmas.
2. Go online shopping - though you get to spend on extra shipping fees, at least you get the convenience of purchasing items without waiting for long lines.
3. Prepare a list - To avoid going back and forth from one mall section to the other, its always best to plan what to buy, and whom to buy it for. This saves time, and energy!
4. Bring Baon and Eat in the Car! - In places like Divisoria, Greenhills, and the like, lines in food establishments could go miles. Most of the time, people could hardly get seats because of the big crowd. Bringing your own baon can be a nifty idea if you brought a car with you to save time.
5. Head to Bazaars! - It's also a good idea to do some shopping in bazaars 'coz they also offer unique gift items not commonly seen in malls.

While Christmas is mostly about the tangible things - let's always remember that God has given us these blessings to enjoy. Don't forget to thank God for everything!

What i wore:
Top - I.Candy (at The Ramp)
Shorts - Forever 21
Blue Bracelet - Accessorize
Gold spiked bracelet and Necklace - Oh Leah! Accessories
Sandals - Topshop
Watch - Aldo

What's New in my Loot Bag?

As i've said i'm not done with my christmas shopping yet. Still waiting for the much anticipated bonus next week! (hurrah! i could finally buy the Zara heels i want!) Being the mall rat that i am though, i wasn't able to resist these adorable finds!

Anyway, just a reminder: If you have the liberty of time and if you have the patience to travel a few kilometers for some affordable finds, you may visit Divisoria or 168 mall.

Also, in buying tops or dresses, go the extra mile of wearing adventurous prints and extra color. You may pair these with plain bottoms to neutralize the look.

Let me share with you some items i got this week

Colorful Neon Arm Candies - Oh Leah Accessories! (Pasilio 1C - 168 Mall)
Can't get enough of feathered necklaces: Peacock Necklace and bronze Necklace - Oh Leah! Green Bracelet - Fame Jewels (St. Francis Mall)
White Dress - The Ramp; Printed Orange Top - I. Candy (The Ramp)


Photo Credits:
This was taken at the Bay Side area of Mall of Asia (Near Oceania and Vikings)

Join the Noel Bazaar 2012 - More details courtesy of Manila Shopaholic!

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