Wash out!


Wash-out. I vividly remember the term coined by one of the best bosses i had. So what does it mean?

When you're already burned out with work, you could take a "wash-out" and eliminate all the excess baggage you have when you're already "toxic" with work. It's really helpful actually, when you can't go on with the next task because your mind is just so mixed up.

And so i took a day off to wash-out. A wash-out to ease all our woes and cry everything out. Tough times.
But who says that you can't look good even if you're in a phase where you feel like your brain is going to pop out of your head?

Just a tip: Push yourself to a warm relaxing bath or scrub then dress afterwards in a dainty number with light colors and you'll feel like you'll bounce in the air. Here's what i wore! Just a simple dress and simple accessories!


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