The Office Girl Knows How to Party!


Office girls do transform at night. One living proof? That’s me! 
In my line of work where we’re required to wear uniforms and strict business getups for the whole week, loud and unconventional fashion statements aren’t much welcome… or else you’ll elicit unwarranted attention from superiors.

My daily grind starts early in the morning. Since my office is in Ortigas (which is far away from my home) I leave early so as not to avoid the heavy traffic especially from 8:00 – 10:00 in the morning. My whole day usually consists of different activities – from meetings, market research and planning, and events. Being in the marketing industry is very exciting and challenging, however… sometimes it can get very  draining as well. 

To office girls out there, I just have simple things to share with you on how I keep up with my daily activities without slacking off! Just keep in mind these things:

1.  Always be organized. Jot your to do list at the start of the day. Get a trusty notebook  for this and accomplish one task from the other.  Know your priorities.
2.       De-clutter your table when things get messed up in order to clear your mind of unnecessary things
3.       Drink multivitamins and invest in flu shots– “Bawal Magkasakit”!
4.       Start your day with  a prayer and offer everything to our creator
5.       Take a “breather” and indulge yourself to a delicious treat – it may be anything you love to eat or drink!
6.       Work hard and Party harder (haha!) or if not, for my case – work hard to buy all the fashion treats I like!


Photo Credits:

Photo 1 - My party attire after work
Photo 2 - Indulging myself to a delicious Turtle Cake at Savor
Photo 3 - Filtered and edited version of one of the outfit shots
Photo 4 - My office Building - The Rockwell Business Center!
Photo 5 - New Shoes on sale at Primadonna!

What I wore:
Party after Work!
1.       Peplum dress – Forever 21
2.       Shoes – Primadonna
3.       Gold cuff – Forever 21
4.       Black Clutch – Eighty and Ninety Shop (China)
5.       Necklace – What Women Wants
6.       Spike Bracelet – I candy

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