The Noise Inside My Head



 It's a long weekend! This extra day is very much important to me since i have been a bit tired of this week's work activities - product launches here and there, field visits, market planning, etc. etc. I love my job though, and i thank God for this. The reason why i also love this extra day is that i get to sit down and work on my blog, and of course, capture new ideas from top bloggers out there.

Currently, i am obsessing on Cheyser Pedregosa's site - The Walking Recessionsita. I rave her style. Outside the line of my work where i wear corporate outfits every weekday --- donning on shorts and a tank top or any laid back clothing during weekdays is like a breath of fresh air for me.

Well, today... as i've said, i sat the whole day in front of my computer. However, being the shoe-lover that i am, there was a noise - rather a voice inside my head telling me to go out and buy the shoes ive been eyeing on for quite some time. But still, i listened to that voice.

1. I just use the wall of our living room to do this shoot
2. Bangle i got from Greenhills at only P250 ( I love tiangges)
3. Checking out my Shoppaholic bank - as of today it's already half full at Php 900 (I'm still thinking of what to buy. But i'm thinking of splurging it for Mia Casa or Mauve accessories
4. Loots i got from Primadonna - Yes they are on sale!!! Go check out their store.
5. Jotting down my ideas and to do's for next week. It pays to be organized
6. The cup of "diet" coffee i always drink every morning - and it's effective! 
7 and 8. Me! Succumbing to the noise inside my head!

What i'm wearing today:
Dress - American Eagle Outfitters
Bangle - Greenhills tiangge
Shoes - Hapifoxy
Belt - WWW
Watch - Parfois

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