The Lady in Red


I was thinking of something to wear for a date. Something that is elegant but also looks sexy at the same time. When I found this red bodycon dress, I immediately bought it!Bodycon dresses are nice to wear during dates. Just avoid the plunging neckline if you don’t want to send the wrong message as if you’re game for anything.

Unfortunately, when I bought this dress two months ago (imagine how long it took before I wore it?), I gained a bit of weight (the result of stress-eating).  Being unable to fit in a tight dress made me feel somewhat frustrated ‘coz I realized that I’m no longer in the early 20’s bracket and I had to watch my weight and start living healthy.

I’m the type of girl who’d rather sleep or watch tv than hit the gym or go jogging at the park. Just when I felt that I have to control the excessive eating, I forced myself to follow a strict diet routine and somehow… it’s starting to work! Somehow, it’s already made wonders for me in just 2 weeks!

Let me share to you my simple 3 point tips:
  1. Breakfast – fruits or something high in protein (half or ¼  serving of carbs like rice or bread)
  2. Lunch – The usual lunch routine you have, you may eat rice at your heart’s content
  3. Dinner – Food high in protein (strictly no carbohydrates – no rice!
Drink lot and lots of water!!

Looking forward for a leaner me on the next few weeks!

By the way --- Here's one sample of what I ate for dinner today! (I ate all of what's inside the can!)


1. My trusty iphone where i take random photos
2. Notebook for me to jot down random thoughts and to-do's
3. My aldo wallet!
4. Chariol perfume
5. The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Makeup Base in 01
6. Mac Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation
7. Mac Studio Fix Powder in NC35
8. Mac Dazzleglass in Pink
9, K Palette(for eyebrows) in 01
10. Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick
11. The Body Shop Concealer stick
12. Oakley eyeglasses (yeah i have poor eyes!)
13 NYX lipsticks in Heredes, Tea Rose, and Pluto
14. Sleek Blush
15. Clinique Eyeshadow palette


1. Dress - Forever 21
2. Shoes - Aldo
3. Necklace - For Me
4. Snake Bangle - Wellmanson's Beadshop in Quiapo (Yes! i traversed the busy streets of Quiapo because they have very affordable jewelry! It's a supplier's haven!)

Tell me what you think!

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