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Seriously, i never thought i'd pull off wearing palazzo pants since i have very wide birthing hips. I'd never thought of buying one as well but my subconscious self just told me to buy it as the price tag screams 50% off. Yes, i am a sale addict and i'm not ashame of it. Like i said, i'm just the average Filipina with occasional whims that i'd feel so guilty if i don't spend my money wisely. I was not born rich. I was not born in a way that i get whatever i want by just asking for it. Fashion is just one of my hobbies.

My outfit today came from super affordable brands, pulled off in a way that it'd look like it was worn by a rich lady. You just need to have the patience in finding!

Top - Semplice; Palazzo pants - Tomato (Yes they have an online store!)

Chain bracelet - Forever 21; Convertible Watch - Aldo; Bag - Longchamp (authentic)

Necklace - SM accessories; Sandals - Primadonna

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