There are many nice items that you could find online. However, traversing into the realm of online retail/ merchandising is a big risk too. First, some online stores post items that looks good only in photos and second, there are online sellers that fail to send the purchased items. Well, as of the moment, those are the risks i could think of. Imagine yourself spending more for what you expected or worse -- receiving nothing at all.

At first i was so scared on purchasing items on line. Then i took the risk and also learned a few things:

1. Check out buyer reviews and other testimonials
2. Compare prices from other online shops ad gauge if it is better to buy in the malls or in actual stores
3. Check purchase procedures and be cautious when using credit cards.

I'm happy with what i bought from Lagrandeombreshoppe, and also came across a very accommodating seller. I am also happy to know that there are many very creative young entrepreneurs out there waiting to be discovered.

Happy online shopping guys!

Top - Zara Basic
Necklace - Fame Jewels, Ring and chain bracelet - Forever 21

etched shorts - Lagrande Ombre shoppe
By the way guys! I'm also recommending another online shoppe -- Vanillabreeze clothing for that ultra femme ombre or etched shorts without compromising the quality. These shorts are super customized based on your requirements.

Photocredits courtesy of Vanillabreeze clothing.

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